Trinity Access Programme

The Trinity Access Programme is committed to ensuring an increase in participation at third level from schools linked to the program. We are fortunate to be in this programme from its infancy and we maintain very strong links with the TAP team. Some of the activities in which the school participates include student shadowing day program, higher-level maths revision program and medical day. This program has enabled a number of students to access third level education through the HEAR and TAP foundation course.

Trinity Access Programme (TAP) has been busy as usual all year long with a selection of activities at different levels. During the year Josephine Nicholas attended the Pathways to Law initiative while Catherine Stocker from Trinity visited sixth years with several third level TAP ambassadors students. They had a lively and informative session around Higher Education Access Routes (H.E.A.R.) applications and Foundation Courses. Two sixth year students Honours Maths students attended a year long course run by Brendan Guildea and George Humphries.
Several fifth years attended a two day challenge initiative which used to be called Shadowing Day, this new format which included a day with young social innovators went down well with students. Four fifth year students attended a Gig Arts day for those interested in dance or music. One fifth year student Danella Alfaro will be attending the Take Five Summer School in June.
Transition Year students attended B21 as part of the TAP outreach programme. This was highly enjoyed by students who worked in teams with students from other schools at developing their IT and personal skills. Many of the students were then invited to attend further sessions in computer science and gaming. Transition year students had their own graduation in Trinity in the 1st May. Four transition year students Stefanie Bonode, Megan Atkinson, Neri Kalemi and Lourdes Ducusin will attend TAP summer school in June.
At Junior level , Education Awards were hotly contested. The winners were Muireann Ryan 3rd year , Abigail Adrain , Aoife Carey and Chloe Mullen in 2nd year, Bianca Galbaza and Aleksandre Nicpon in 1st year. Chloe Moore in 3rd year also attended a year long Higher Level maths course in Trinity.
The Salter Sterling Gold Medal for Transition Year was awarded to Georgiana Domsa. Well done to all !!