BYOD & AUP Policy

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

Mercy Secondary School, Inchicore uses technology in the classroom as a means one way of fulfilling enhancing our mission to provide a learning community which aims for excellence. This involves teaching skills, knowledge and behaviours students will need as responsible citizens in the global community. Students learn collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking in a variety of ways throughout the school day. In order to further enhance this teaching and learning experience and develop further 21st Century skills Mercy Secondary School, Inchicore allows the use of personal devices on our network and school grounds is allowed for students who sign up to and follow the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

The bring your own device (BYOD) programme allows involves allowing parent/students to bring their own ‘mobile devices’ to school to support teaching and learning activities. In an effort to Those Students /and parents/guardians wishing to participate in the BYOD programme must accept the conditions/responsibilities stated in the BYOD Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) as outlined below, and must read, sign, and return this form attached.

Types of mobile devices allowed under this policy:
For the purpose of this program, a ‘mobile device’ refers to a student owned device such as a tablet, laptop, netbook, iPod touch, or suitable phone. Personal gaming devices are not allowed under the BYOD programme. The school decides on the type of allowed device allowed.

BYOD Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Summary:

1. Any student who wishes to use a personally owned mobile device within school must read and sign this AUP.

2. A parent /guardian of the student must also read, sign and submit the AUP to the Tutor who will put it in the student file

3. Students take responsibility for appropriate use of their personal device at all times. The school is not responsible in any way for personal the devices or for its’ use.

4. Students/parents/guardians are responsible for their devices, including any breakages, costs of repair, or replacement.

5. The school reserves the right to inspect or monitor student mobile devices during school hours.

6. Violations of any school policies or rules involving a student device may result in a student not being allowed continue using the device during school hours and/or disciplinary action, for a period to be determined by the school.

7. During school hours students are allowed use their device for learning related activities only.

8. Students will /must/are requested to comply with teachers’ requests regarding use of devices during school hours, and classes.

9. Mobile devices must be charged prior to bringing them to school in order so as to be usable during school hours. Charging devices in the school is not an option/permitted/allowed.

10. Students may not use the devices to record, transmit or post photos or video of other teachers or students. No images or video recorded at school can be transmitted or posted at any time without the permission of their teacher’s permission .

11. Student may use the school wireless network and content filtered broadband. Use of other ‘unfiltered’ public wireless connections, such as mobile networks, is not allowed during school hours.

12. The school reserves the right to change the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) in line with overall schools policy.

13. Each user is responsible for her/his own device and should use it responsibly and appropriately. Mercy Secondary School, Inchicore takes no responsibility for stolen, lost, or damaged devices, including lost or corrupted data on those devices. While school employees will help students identify how to keep personal devices secure, students will have the final responsibility for securing their personal devices.

14. Mercy Secondary School, Inchicore is not responsible for any possible device charges to your account that might be incurred during approved school-related use.

Mobile Device Details: ______________________________ (eg., Mobile, Tablet – include manufacturer, type of device here)
As a student I understand and will abide by this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). I understand that any violation of this AUP may result in not being able to use my mobile device in school, and could mean other disciplinary action.

Student Name: __________________________________________ (in capitals)
Student signature: _______________________________________ Date: _________________

As Parent/Guardian I understand that my child accepts the responsibilities outlined in the BYOD AUP. I have discussed the AUP with them and we both understand our own responsibilities.
Parent/Guardian Name: _________________________________________ (in capitals)
Parent/Guardian signature: _________________________________Date:__________________

August 2015