Italy Trip Blog

Hello, students and parents alike,
It's our pleasure to inform you about the upcoming 4th and 5th year Home Economics trip to Italy! We will be taking 33 students and 3 teachers in total. We will be departing from Dublin at 6:25am on Wednesday, and arriving at Rome Airport at about 10:30am. We will tour around Rome for the day and make our way down to Sorrento on the Amalfi coast that evening!
It would actually take too long to inform you of all of our planned activities, so we'll just let in on a few bits! From Italian cheese farms to olive oil plantations, the girls will not only be seeing, but also learning about Italian cuisine and culture, through their nighttime cooking classes. Although it may sound tiring, the girls will have 4 full packed days from 9am-10pm from the moment their feet touch the ground. You may be thinking this is just a primarily home ec trip, but we also hope to involve other educational factors, such as, Geography; with our trip to Pompeii, and History; with our tour of Rome.
We hope you'll wish us well on our journey and hopefully we will have plenty of pictures and memories to share with you all when we get back.
Until then,


Italian cookery school - making gnocchi for dinner!

Making Gelato

Mount Vesuvius in the background! Italian bakery

Italian Honey farm in Sorrento

Colleseum, Rome.