Fair use policy

Policy for use of the Computer Network and the Internet

At present the school has a network of 22 stations, located primarily in a centralised computer room, with a number of others located in the Science Lab, the Geography Room, Language Lab, Careers Office and the Resource Room. The network shares a number of printers, a flatbed scanner and an ISDN line for access to the Internet.

In order to maintain the network in full working capacity and to keep running costs to a minimum, both financially and with regard to conservation of paper etc. to a minimum, the school has laid down a number of conditions that all pupils are expected to adhere to.

These conditions include a set of rules for the computer room, a computer room protocol for staff and students, a protocol for saving and printing documents, and an on-line policy for use of the Internet. These are updated on a regular basis and are available in the Office should any parent wish to see them.

In view of the inherent dangers involved in use of the Internet, we have installed surf control to the student network and we particularly draw parents’ attention to the following policy:

  • Students may only access the Internet while under the supervision of a member of staff.
  • The Internet is provided as an educational resource and its use should be limited to that purpose, taking into consideration the costs involved in its use.
  • Students should not access their own private e-mail accounts during school time.
  • Students may not participate in chat-room sessions.
  • Students may not enter personal or school details on any site without informing the supervising teacher and getting his/her approval.
  • Students should never arrange to meet anyone through the Internet without informing their parents or teacher and without being accompanied by one of them.
  • Should any student inadvertently come upon material that may be considered undesirable or illegal, they should immediately inform the supervising teacher. Failure to do so may result in serious disciplinary procedures being applied.
  • Any student making use of the school computer facilities automatically agrees to abide by the rules set out in this policy and its appendices.

The school website is at present under construction and it is the intention to include in its content news and photographs of school activities. Any parent who does not wish their daughter’s name or photograph to appear on the website must inform the school in writing, otherwise it will be assumed that permission is given to publish such items.

Computer Room Protocol

  • In order to facilitate use of the room, a timetable is available each week on the notice board at the back of the room. Teachers are asked to fill in when they plan to or use the room.
  • If a computer class is scheduled for the room, it will not be available for the use of other students.
  • If any teacher experiences trouble with any equipment, please note the problem on the ‘snag’ list also on the notice board.
  • Teachers using the room are asked to ensure that students comply with the general computer room rules, which are on display.
  • In order to reduce clutter on hard drives, please encourage students to follow the procedures set out for saving work, and to delete files no longer needed.
  • To reduce the wastage on paper and ink a procedure has been set out for saving and printing documents. Please encourage students to follow this. Documents should not be printed until checked by a teacher (See also Use of the Internet).
  • All documents that do not contain colour should be printed to the laser printer, which is set as the default printer.
  • Students are not permitted to use floppy discs which have been used any- where else in order to prevent transfer of viruses.

Use of the Internet

  • Any teachers using the Internet MUST turn off the router in the computer room when finished. This is vitally important to ensure that students are not at risk and to prevent abuse of the system.
  • Students should not be left unsupervised in any room from which they might access the Internet.
  • Students should be advised that the Resource room is not available for access to computers or to the Internet. This should be obtained by booking into the computer room as previously described.
  • Students researching topics should be encouraged to cut and paste selected information into a separate WORD document before printing. This would greatly reduce waste of ink on unnecessary ads. etc., an alternative would be to TAKE NOTES. Frequently large amounts of information are printed which is not needed at all.

Use of the Digital Camera

  • Teachers using the digital camera are requested to print or download the images they have taken as soon as possible after use, either themselves or with help from another teacher. Images left on the camera are liable to be deleted if no effort is made to clear the disc.
  • If rechargeable batteries are used, please make sure that the batteries are recharged for use by the next person.
  • It is strongly recommended that both the card and the batteries are checked out well before needed.

Sr. Mary Connaughton