Prefect Selection

Policy for prefect selection
Important Criteria

  1. Attendance: To be effective you have to present. In a given year illness/exceptional circumstances. The selection committee have a discretionary say.
  2. Punctuality: Good punctuality, preparation for work, important for guidance and referral.
  3. Behaviour/Respect: Please refer to our Code of Behaviour.

Throughout the year Ms Keane and the Principal will regularly monitor the above criteria.

Selection Process

  • Students are informed and invited to apply for the position of prefect.
  • Letter of application will be handed to Ms Keane by an agreed date and time.
  • A list of applicants will be posted in the staff room. Teachers are then invited to positively support an application by initialling beside a students name.
  • Teachers vote is based on the student’s previous 2 years behaviour.
  • At this stage the Principal and Deputy Principal, Ms Keane and the two Tutors form a committee to reach a final decision. If the Tutor does not teach the group, the English, Irish or Maths teacher would be invited on to the committee.
  • It is possible that a students name will be removed if the above criteria are not met.